Score for Democracy, ‘War’ for Humanity

The referendum for Brexit has just concluded. ‘Leave’ won by 1.3 million votes (1.9%). It amazes me to think that because of 1.3 million people, the economic and political landscape is going to change. What is even more amazing, or shocking, is that right after the Brits woke up, some of them begun to regret… Continue reading Score for Democracy, ‘War’ for Humanity

Travelling Through Time Pt 1

After three weeks of travelling and having settled down in my accommodations at Konstanz, I have finally found some time to write. My travels before starting my exchange programme at University of Konstanz are as follows: 13.03-17.03: Stockholm, Sweden 17.03-27.03: Iceland 27.03-31.03: Tallinn, Estonia This post will be about Stockholm, my first stop in Europe. Stockholm is an… Continue reading Travelling Through Time Pt 1

Get Your Extra Marshmallows…Tomorrow

(Stop thinking about the marshmallows! Photo Credits: John Morgan) If you haven’t heard/read about the Stanford Marshmallow experiment, here’s a short summary of it: Walter Mischel, a psychologist, conducted an experiment with his colleagues more than 40 years ago. They put a child and a marshmallow together in a room and instructed the child to not eat… Continue reading Get Your Extra Marshmallows…Tomorrow