You Don’t Read Enough!

When I was a kid, I used to read a book every day. Now, whenever I pick up a book to read, chances are it’ll end up reading my head.

All jokes aside, reading is becoming less and less prevalent. However, it is IMPORTANT for us to still read regularly. There are many benefits to reading. Here are 10 of them. This is my contribution to that list.

There are so many things to learn from books. After all,

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” – Isaac Newton

How do we find these giants if they are no longer alive/can’t reach out to them? That’s right. Through books.

If you are building a startup and new to the scene, pick up a book and learn from others who have done it before. If you are a budding salesman, there are many books out there that can help improve your sales skills. Likewise, if you are doing something, it is almost certain that someone before you have done it. Even if you are inventing something totally new, someone has gone through that process before and you can learn from them.

Many have tried, experimented many times until they finally found success. Books are a shortcut to finding and copying these methods so that you have an easier road to success.

If you are new to the habit of reading, here are some easy reads that can help you get started and still pack a punch.

Who Moved My Cheese? – Spencer Johnson

I read this book when I was still a kid. Till today, I still remember the lessons that this book has taught me on adapting to changes. This also teaches us about how we should respond to situations instead of reacting to them and doing nothing.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

“You may win an argument but you will not win the person.” This is one key idea that I took away from this book. Dale Carnegie shared about concepts such as criticism and motivating people. This book should be reread multiple times to get all the lessons ingrained in your head.

The ONE Thing – Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

I have mentioned this book on my previous post. Do check it out to find out on having a domino effect to get what you want. Ask yourself a series of questions today to help you find answers such that you can achieve success 10 years down the road. A short and easy read, you will benefit much from this.

Books by Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill are generally quite an easy read. These books are not long too, so it won’t take you a long time to finish.

Progressing further, we have:

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life –  Alice Schroder

The journey of Warren Buffett from a newspaper boy to billionaire. There are many lessons to take away from this book including investments, work ethics, and more. Even though Warren Buffett’s investment’s methodology would not be shared in detail in this book, you can still learn from his work ethics since young and many life lessons.
For example, “reputation takes 20 years to build up and only 5 minutes to ruin it.”

Poor Charlie’s Almanack – Peter D. Kaufman (editor), Charlie Munger (author)

(I loved this one.)
When you see Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger is most likely to be with him. The partner of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger shares his life’s philosophies and lessons in this book. This book introduced many concepts such as Darwinism, everyday psychology. Charlie Munger prides himself on being rational. If you want to learn the ways, read his book.

You can try reading philosophical or military texts too. These texts do take a lot of interpretation and study though. Some examples, On War by Carl von Clausewitz, Art of War by Sun Tze and the Dao De Jing. However, lessons from these books are transferable, which is why there are so many business versions of Art of War out there. I might do an analysis of On War if time allows me.

Here are 5 massive books from Mark Manson that will take an even greater effort and time to read.

If you noticed, all the books here are non-fiction. Fiction is great too, it improves your vocabulary, writing skills, but non-fiction really brings out the juice that can change your life. Of course, you can start from fiction, but just get STARTED!

If you do not like to read, get audio books. Make a gradual improvement everyday and you’ll start seeing changes in your life.

Now, get started on your reading journey. After all,

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – Confucius


“Knowledge is POWER”. – Sir Francis Bacon


“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step in the RIGHT direction.”

“APPLIED knowledge is POWER.”



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